Monday, December 31, 2007

Crayola Factory

Only an hour from home in Easton, Pennsylvania, Crayola has a factory that teaches how crayons are made, and makes an excellent day trip for kids. Helena had plenty of opportunity to draw and color, and take part in the many activities at the Crayola factory.

Helena coloring with Daddy

Helena working on a project with Mommy

"Do these overalls make my hips look too fat?!?"

Helena drawing with markers on the glass wall

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Bass Pro Shop

The Bass Pro Shop is conveniently located at Patriot Place, an up-and-coming strip mall next to Gilette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots. Besides being a mecca for camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing enthusiasts, the Bass Pro Shop also contains a small fish aquarium and plenty of "real" stuffed animals to keep Helena occupied and amused (we, amazingly, spent an hour walking through the two-story store, duringwhich we actually made some purchases before heading over to the Patriot Pro Shop to do some further shopping).

"Wow, Daddy, look at all the fishies!"

"I don't know what animal that is, but it is pretty darn big!"

"I think we should get this bed for home!"

"How do you like my new hat?"

"I couldn't hit a fish in a barrel let alone an inanimate object!"

"Soldier of Fortune" coverboy

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sledding Good Time (continued)

Please make sure to look at the video link in the prior posting. Below are still shots from our sledding fun in Massachusetts.

Helena in her new snowsuit testing out the snow

Helena and Daddy in the snow

Helena getting a face full of snow

Helena sledding by herself

Helena and Daddy riding down the sled path

Cousin Stephanie getting major air over the sled jump

Cousin Robert

Cousin Rebecca

Daddy getting some major air over the sled jump


"Hi-ho, Hi-Ho, it's up the snowhill I go..."

Cousins Gabriel and Adam with their snowman

The girls just chilling out in the snow

Cousin Josh

Cousin Avi riding down with Daddy

Cousin Kobe

"I don't want to go inside! I want to stay outside in the snow!"

Happy (early) Birthday Cousin Zack (and Daddy)!!!

During the family's recent trip to Boston, an early birthday celebration was held for Helena's cousin Zack (who is turning 1), and her Daddy (who is turning, eh, more than 1). They both share a birthday (January 2nd).

Cousin Zack, happy to be turning 1

The birthday boys - cousin Zack and Jeff

Cousin Kobe licking icing off of Zack's fingers

Helena enjoying her slice of cake (and leaving no prisoners)

Helena with her Dora the explorer balloon

Zack holding up his Elmo balloon with Cousin Rebecca

Helena and Cousin Avi

Monday, December 24, 2007

Sledding good time in Massachusetts!

During our long weekend in Boston, we visited some of Sara's cousins who have a large hill in their front lawn. Thanks to about a foot of snow, they created several sledding paths, which Helena, her Daddy, and other family members gladly took part in and enjoyed. See the below link for video of our sledding fun, created and graciously posted by Sara's cousin, Gregory. Awesome job!

You Tube Sledding Link

Friday, December 14, 2007

Say Cheese!

Helena turning the tables on her daddy, who usually takes most of the pictures, now that she has her own digital camera

Say Cheese!

Helena turning the tables on her daddy, who usually takes most of the pictures, now that she has her own digital camera

Sometimes I feel like Cinderella!

While most kids her age come home from daycare and get to play with toys or watch TV, Helena is busy doing choirs, like vacuuming the floor

Happy Hannukah!

Thank you Mommy for the Hannukah cookie!

"I love Hannukah - cookies and gifts! Does life get any better?!?"

"Sorry, I'm a slow eater!"

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Helena and family celebrated Thankgiving in New Jersey. Despite Mommy and Daddy not appearing in any of the pictures, they were there with Helena to celebrate the holiday (I guess somebody had to be the photographer!).

I've heard of duets on the piano, but this is the first trio (Helena with Great-Grandma Shirley and Grandma)

Helena and Auntie Amanda

Helena with Grandpa

Helena with Auntie Amanda and Great-Grandpa Harold

Helena dressed up and looking good for Thanksgiving

"Blair, I'm the one who is supposed to be two-years old!"

"I'm stuffed! Please take me home to bed!"

Pictures by Helena

Believe it or not, photographs taken by Helena with a real digital camera (I didn't post the bad shots of people's legs and the floor)

Say cheese for the camera Daddy!!

Don't be shy for the camera Auntie Amanda!!


Helena in the tub!

Nice hairdo!