Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fenway Park

Getting ready for the tour of Fenway

Kobe at the Green Monster seats

Sitting in the oldest seats in the park

Sara and Jeff

Happy Passover!

Helena waiting patiently for everybody to join her at the table

The gang's all here!

The Girls

Helena with Rebecca and Avi

Paging GQ magazine

Pool's open!

Helena doing a dance because she is excited to go swimming

Cousin's picture

Avi, actually enjoying his time in the pool

Snack time after swimming

Overnight at the Doubletree

During our trip this past weekend to Boston, Helena got to have a sleepover at the hotel with her cousin Rebecca.

Helena and Rebecca ready to go to sleep

Breakfast the next morning

Visiting Papa

Helena with Mommy and Papa

Going for a ride on Papa

"Thanks for breakfast Papa!"

The Glamour Shot