Monday, December 27, 2010

Last Snowstorm 2010

Today we got walloped with a blizzard that in some places brought two feet of snow. We got somewhere between a foot and a foot and a half, and that was more than enough fun plowing and shoveling out the driveway.

Helena and Jonathan helping Daddy shovel

Apparently the shoveling only lasted a few minutes because they took a break

Snow angels

Posing before they head inside

Helena showing off the homemade pretzels she made with Mommy

Sara getting creative on this snow day - pretzel dogs for lunch!

Helena showing off the "J" pretzel for Jonathan...

...and the "H" pretzel she made for herself (Mommy got an "M" and Daddy got a "D")

Jonathan enjoying his snow day lunch

Holiday weekend in Atlatnic City!

There wasn't going to be much to do this weekend because of the Christmas holiday, so we invited Sara's family from Boston to join us for a few days in Atlantic City. Beside the adults taking time to gamble (Sara and my brother-in-law Ron did really well on the slots), the kids swam, watched movies, and went to the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum. Unfortunately, we had to rush out of town early Sunday morning to avoid the impending blizzard!

Family picture in the pool

All of the cousins together in the hot tub with my brother-in-law Ron and Sara. My nephew Josh did not make the trip, so we found another kid in the pool area to fill in for him in this picture.

Sara with the kids

Jeff taking a tub with Jonathan

Helena and Jonathan having a snack

Bubbe helping Jonathan put on his shoes

Cousins picture at the foutain at the Tropicana

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rough Day

The flu has struck Jonathan's daycare class. He has been home most of this week with an ear infection and bronchial infection. Of course, he has enjoyed playing around the house...but I guess it all finally caught up to him. This is a shot of his passed out on one of his chairs in the family room a few minutes ago. He just curled up in the chair, pretzel still in his hand, and fell asleep. Must be nice!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Hannukah!

Yesterday we celebrated Hannukah with a family party. Sara made her famous chicken egg rolls, homemade latkes, cookies, and jelly-filled donuts (this is why Jeff runs 10 miles a week).

Jeff's contribution was making icees for Helena and Jonathan while Sara plated the food

This is hard work to grind down one ice cube. Now I see why my parents never bought this for me. It's worse than freshly-squeezed orange juice!

"Can't a boy enjoy his icee?"

Oh, the pain of finishing your icee and not having anything to fill your cup up with!

Up close and personal with the donuts