Sunday, March 23, 2008

Purim Carnival

The Princess, ready for the Purim Carinval

Daddy and Helena on the obstacle course (not easy when one is wearing a dress and the other has to carry the one wearing the dress)

Call the Yankees. Helena has a mighty curve ball.

Throwing a touchdown, with an assist from Grandpa

Sand art created with Mommy's help

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Big Girl Room

Last night Mommy and Daddy threw Helena a party, attended by Grandma and Grandpa, to celebrate Helena's move into her big girl room. Bye bye crib and toddler bed!

Helena posing on her new bed

A look at some of the other furniture in Helena's big girl room

The calm before the storm of eating the cupcake begins

The cupcake never stood a chance

Finger lick'n good, down to the last drop of icing!

Tubby Time!

"But I don't want to take a tubby and get my hair wet!" (the goggles are so she doesn't get water in her eyes when her hair gets washed...which is why she does not like going in the tub)

Happy Purim!!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Visiting the new cousin

Helena and her parents went to Boston to visit Helena's newest cousin, Gabriella.


Mommy and Helena with Gabriella

Daddy with Gabriella

Daddy with Helena and Zack

Zack, a mess after eating a piece of cake

Helena, drilling for something!

Helena giving a kiss to Gabriella

Zack, bundled up in Gabby's car seat and wearing Daddy's Michigan hat

Helena with Auntie