Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy 60th Birthday Papa!

"Wow! The tower of onion rings is almost as big as me!"

Helena is really into her hamburger

The birthday boy and his celebratory ice cream sundae

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last night of Hannukah 2008

Tonight brought the close to Hannukah 2008!

Saying blessing before lighting candles

Helping Daddy light candles on last night of Hannukah

Singing song to celebrate Hannukah (and make a nice video to post)


Helena's basketball moves

Helena showing off her basketball skills


Bright Lights

Springfield, Massachusetts park display of holiday-themed lights and other spectacular light displays

"Happy Holidays Springfield"

Hannukah Menorah

The Cat in the Hat

We liked this house because it had the letter "B" on it


Helena on the hardwood

Who knew that Helena liked basketball so much?

Posing with Daddy on the Hall of Fame court

Playing one-on-one with Daddy

Helena showing off her dribbling skills

Daddy is just a little too short to help Helena dunk the ball into a regulation basket

Helena grabbing a drink after all that exercise

Mommy and Helena watching Daddy in the free-throw competition

Daddy and his competitors in the free-throw competition (the first two kids in front of him weren't even alive when Michael Jordan played!)

Daddy watching his losing shot clank off the front rim

"WNBA, here I come!"
(Incidentally, this was picture no. 2323. Do you believe in karma?)

The Basketball Hall of Fame

On the way home from Boston, the family stopped at the Basketball Hall of Fame and discovered that Helena has some game on the hardwood (see subsequent post).

"I once caught a fish this big."

Daddy sizing up against the tallest and shortest players ever to play in the NBA.

"Daddy, I'm not going to fall for your tricks and climb in there!"

Daddy in front of the Chicago Bulls display (as taken by Helena)

Daddy trying to sling-shot a ball into a hoop (impossible!)

Daddy trying to guard Michael Jordan (as if!)

Mommy with Larry Bird (where's that right hand?)

View of the Basketball Hall of Fame from our hotel room

Early birthday celebration for Daddy!

Although Daddy's birthday is not until January 2nd, he got an early celebration with Mommy's family in Boston.

It took a lot of hot air to blow out all of those candles on the two cakes!

Hannukah in Boston

Lighting the Hannukah menorah for the fourth night, which was celebrated in Boston with Mommy's family

Mommy, what a great holiday! We get to have jelly-filled donuts.
(two dozen of them were in the pizza box shown in the prior picture)

One of these is not like the rest (Helena with her Yossef cousin's Kobe, Gabby, Avi, and Zack)

The Girls - Helena and Gabby

Helena enjoying her gift from cousin Rose - a Disney blanket and a princess book/pillow

New Hairstyle

Mommy wanted me to get a trim and new hairstyle

Waiting paitently while my hair is cut

The new style! Whatcha think?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Hannukah!

Photographs from last night's first night of Hannukah

Lighting the menorah with Daddy

Helena loves books

I think the shirt says it all. Thank you Aunti Amanda and Uncle Blair.

Helena the rockstar with her Barbie guitar. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

Helena and Daddy - Guitar Heroes

More formal pictures

Belated Thanksgiving post

Again, oops by Daddy in not posting these photographs earlier from Thanksgiving. The family was in Boston and made a trip to the science museum.

Riding the seesaw with Daddy...and some mysterious boy who didn't want to wait his turn

"Who you looking at Mr. Skeleton?"

"Look at how tall I am!"

"Daddy, you ready to light this rocket up?"

"Houston, we have a problem!"


I see you!

"This is Helena with Harbor Patrol. Please move your ship to shore. Thank you!"