Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patty's Day 2007

The March snow did not damper Helena's spirit in celebrating St. Patrick's Day with the family. There was no cornbeef and cabbage but instead tea and scones at the Chauncey Conference Center (Sara's hotel).

Helena and Daddy dressed in green to show their St. Patty's Day spirit!

More tea please!
(notice the nice shamrock tea set)

Any more cookies? I'm almost done with this one.

Helena, Mommy, and the Tea Lady (Sara hired a woman to speak on the historical importance of tea time and various subjects. She was very convincing as a British woman from the 1700's despite the fact that she was really from New Jersey!).

Let it March!

Winter came late this season without much snow, and it seems to be ending late with an unexpected snow storm this weekend (since it seemed like we were heading into spring). It worked out, though, because it gave Helena an opportunity to wear who new snow suit from Bubbe and use her snow sled that she got for Hannukah (and did not yet have the opportunity to use - thank you Auntie and Uncle Jon).

Helena being pulled in her sled down the front lawn

Helena with Daddy

Helena with Mommy

Have a banana!

Helena's become a big fan of bananas.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Happy Purim - March, 2007

Mommy and Daddy dressed me up like a flower to celebrate Purim. They also took me to the synagogue to enjoy the carnival. No goldfish for me this year (Mommy and Daddy said taking care of me was enough to do without also having to take care of a goldfish). Daddy went on the slide with me twice; that was fun. Looking forward to next year when I can go on more rides and play more games.

New sweater

Thank you Grandma for the new sweater you knitted me. As if I don't look good in everything, I look especially good in pink!