Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jonathan's two-month check up

Although he is technically 10 weeks old, Jonathan had his two-month check up yesterday. He weighed in at 14 pounds, and he is 23 1/2 inches long. We are already fielding calls from several NFL teams wondering if he would like to try out as a linebacker.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Let's Go Bowling!

It was a crummy Sunday afternoon, which has been the theme for this month, so we decided to take Helena bowling. Although she was not happy the first time she got a foot fault, she eventually got back into after the first game when we broke for a snack before we started the second game.

Jonathan was asleep within five minutes of getting to the bowling alley

Helena watching Daddy to pick up some pointers on how to bowl

Helena, with assistance from Daddy, taking a shot at hitting some pins

Video of Helena bowling

Mommy and Helena

More Mommy and Helena

"I'm awake now. When do I get to bowl?"

The scores from the second game. Although labeled Mommy, Sara was feeding Jonathan the whole time, so Jeff actually bowled both lines. Helena improved 6 pins from her first game. Jeff would have had a 187 if you combined the first five frames in the two lines he bowled in the second game. Of course, this is nothing to brag about since the gutters had bumpers in them for Helena's benefit!

Happy Father's Day!

Helena and Jonathan showing off their shirts for the day

Daddy with the kids

The Father's Day cake baked by Sara and decorated by Helena (with assistance from Sara)

The Blivaiss dads with their kids

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last Class at The Little Gym

Today brought an end to Helena's semester at The Little Gym. The kids, with assistance from their instructors, put on a "show" for their parents, showcasing all the skills they learned the past several months at the gym.

Helena excited to be line leader

Waiting her turn to do skills across the mat

Playing with the parachute

Hanging from the high bar with help from Mr. Kyle

Swinging on the low bar

Performing a front support on the low bar

Swinging on the rings

I don't know what this move is called, but I am impressed that Helena now developed the skill to do it on her own. I'm thinking Olympics in a couple of years.

Helena's balance beam routine

Helena goofing around while Mommy takes a picture

Helena's floor exercise routine

Helena had enough of all the pictures (especially since this day followed all of the pictures from our vacation)

Helena forcing a smile in a picture with her instructor, Ms. Jackie

The class with instructors Ms. Jackie and Mr. Kyle

Ocean City, MD - June 18, 2009

There is nothing in these pictures to show that we were at Ocean City, Maryland, but we decided to drive the 20+ miles south to visit Ocean City and check out the boardwalk.

Dinner at a restaurant on the boardwalk. Helena wanted to show off her macaroni and cheese. Daddy showing off his "rumrunner" drink.

Jonathan asleep during our 2 1/2 mile walk on the boardwalk

"Let's Hit the Pool"

One of the great things about the hotel was that it had an indoor pool. It seemed strange that with the beach a block away, the hotel had an indoor pool, but given the week's weather, it worked out for us that the pool was indoors because it gave us something to do...and Helena loved it!

Helena ready to head to the pool

Helena posing with Daddy in the pool

Helena showing off what she learned in her swim classes

Playing peak-a-boo

Helena still swimming with Daddy in the pool

Helena going airborne

Jonathan asleep at the pool

Jonathan awake at the pool

Ice Cream No. 3

We know there were at least two more occasions, but it was not until we got home that we realized we should have taken pictures of all the times Helena got ice cream on the vacation.

Our Hotel

We owe a lot of thanks to our friends who recommended our hotel in Rehoboth. We had a two bedroom suite, which allowed Sara and Jeff to have their own sleeping room separate from Helena and Jonathan. Despite Jonathan waking up in the middle of one night, Helena slept peacefully in the same room with him.

"Good morning"

Helena and Jonathan relaxing on the big bed

Helena reading nicely to one of her dolls

Jonathan navigating his way across the big bed

Helena already for a fun day at the beach

A Day at the Beach - June 17, 2009

Wednesday morning had the best weather the whole time we were on vacation (other than the day we left), and by good weather I mean that it did not rain during the time we were on the beach. Unfortunately, it was overcast, cool, and windy. That did not deter Helena from having a good time on the sand. Nor was it going to deter her parents who bought a bundle of items just to use on the beach.

Our spot on the beach. I venture to guess that they had less materials when they first landed on the moon.

Our beach tent. It worked out great and may become useful at home as a special place Helena can sleep if she goes to sleep nicely in her own bed.

Daddy and Jonathan

Daddy and the kids

Jeff making use of his beach chair

Sara got the special chair with the canopy. That would have been helpful if there was sun; unfortunately, the wind kept blowing it over.

The weather is not going to deter Helena from enjoying the beach

Helena hard at work in the sand

Helena making use of all of her sand toys

Helena still hard at work in the sand. If we didn't drag her off the beach, she would still be there now.