Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jonathan's 1st Birthday Party

An attempted family picture

Helena participating during the magic show

Jonathan showing off his dance moves

Jonathan is ready to eat

Blowing out the birthday candles

Cupcake decorating for the kids

"Let them eat cake!"

"I think it is time to open presents!"

"Pushing around this box is fun...but taking the toy out of the box to play with would be more fun!"

"Are these cards ever going to be worth any money?"

Spring Gala, Part II

Helena's class had another spring gala celebration last week.

Helena all ready for the "Bollywood" themed production

The dance routine

Even Jonathan got to watch the production

Thumb sucking must be contagious!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jonathan's 1st Birthday Celebration

After a shortened day at daycare, Jonathan had his 1-year doctor's visit. He weighed in at a mere 21 lbs and 29 1/2 inches long (he has been sick on and off for the past several weeks so that has seemed to contribute to the lack of weight gain; he gained less than 1/2 lb since January). It does appear that two teeth are on the cusp - one on the top and one on the bottom, and two more will probably follow those shortly.

Jonathan opening his gift from Mommy and Daddy

Jonathan jumped right on his fire truck before Daddy had a chance to take it out of the box

Jonathan enjoying his birthday dinner - pasta and meat sauce

"Happy Birthday to Jonathan..."

Helping Jonathan blow out his candle (kinda hard when you have a thumb in your mouth)

Jonathan didn't hesitate to attack his cupcake

Helena enjoying her cupcake

Jonathan upset that there is no more cupcake to eat

Happy 1st Birthday Jonathan!

Wow! What a long year it has been, ... but looking back through all of the pictures to put this post together, it is amazing how quickly it went by. We are very happy to be celebrating Jonathan's first birthday as we have been able to watch him change and grow up, and we know this is only the beginning. We hope that all of our family and friends have enjoyed the same. Here is a walk down memory lane for the past year to show you how Jonathan started and where he is now.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tea time!

No, this has nothing to do with all the hoopla around the professional golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia this weekend. This has to do with a "princess" afternoon tea that Sara organized at her hotel. Helena invited two of her friends from school who came dressed appropriately as princesses.

Posing by the pond

"As pretty as a princess"

"Bottoms up!"

There is something about those magic wands!

Helena and her friends with the Queen

Helena and the Queen

Again, there is something about those wands and the pose!

There's that pose again with the wands!

Helena's Spring Haircut

The "before" shot

The "after" shot