Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sweet & Sassy

Helena went and got her hair cut and styled today in preparation for her first day of kindergarten next week. Mommy was nice enough to take her to a new place that opened up near the house that caters to girls around her age.

The smock says it all

The new style


Apparently we are not giving Jonathan enough to eat as he has now turned to eating his toes.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cruise hodgepodge

There was no good and concise way to divide up the rest of the pictures from the last two nights of the cruise, including the final day at sea. These include random shots, pictures from our formal attire nights, and professionally taken photographs. Enjoy!

Jonathan is still trying to help Grandpa Harold with his scooter

Cousin Abram with Helena (this is Helena's favorite picture)

The family on the second formal night

Sara with the kids

Helena listening with Grandma and Grandpa as the Neptunes serenade them on their anniversary (it was a surprise concert in their honor)

Jonathan is surprised when Sarita, the waiter, shows up behind him with cake

Happy Birthday Cousin Abram!

Grandpa Harold participated in a blackjack tournament. He won his seat at the table by coming in third place in a slot tournament. Sadly, the cards did not fall his way in blackjack...but at least he didn't have to pay the entrance fee!

Helena performing during the camp talent show

Jonathan thought that since he perfected eating with his hands, he would try eating with his feet as well

Helena in between cousins Anna and Abram

Helena trying her first Shirley Temple (she wasn't a fan; wait until she hits the Bar/Bat Mitzvah circuit!)

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa! Thanks for the awesome cruise and experience of spending time with the family.

Jeff and Jonathan with their waiter, Sarita

Jonathan standing in the dining room window sill looking outside at the passing ocean on our way back to New Jersey

Helena posing with the towel monkey created by our room steward

Another towel animal created by our room steward

Jonathan and Jeff posing upon their arrival to Portland, Maine

Helena posing with the "lobster girl" upon her arrival to Bar Harbor, Maine. Helena never likes people in costumes so it was significant that she posed for this picture (and worth the price to buy it).

Professional photograph of Jonathan and Helena

Professional photograph of Helena

Professional photograph of Jonathan. They couldn't get him to stand still so this is him running toward the photographer.

Professional photograph of the family

Helena and Jonathan with their grandparents in front of the cruise ship lobby's steps

Oh Canada! Part 2

Day 6 was a trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia. It happened to be the hottest day of the cruise.

Jeff and Helena posing in front of the Citadel with a view of downtown Halifax behind them

Jeff posing with the guard at the entrance to the Citadel. Interesting fact learned while at the Citadel - although it was built as a fortress, it was never involved in any battles...because it was built as a defensive measure after Halifax was attacked!

Helena standing a top the Citadel with Halifax in the background

Helena and Jeff posing on a gun turret

Jeff trying to get the gun turret to fire

Still trying to get it to fire

Jeff posing in front of the Beavertail stand on the waterfront. If you have never had a beavertail, it is worth going to Canada just for that. It is a flat piece of fried dough that they can put most any topping on. Jeff's favorite is the nutella topping (as evidenced by the next picture).


Helena posing with one of the dolphin statues on the waterfront

Oh Canada! Part 1

Day 5 of the cruise was our visit to St. Johns, New Brunswick, Canada.

Helena and Jonathan posing with a large stuffed animal moose

Helena trying on a moose hat

For whatever reason, the main area of St. Johns near its city hall had all of these random statues of people. This is Helena with a statue of a woman holding a baby.

The family posing on a bench with a statue

Jonathan enjoyed the opportunity to stand next to the statue

"We'll get you in the next Olympics in hockey!"

Jeff and Jonathan showing off their matching shirts

Jonathan stealing a hug from Helena

Jonathan helping Grandpa Harold control his electric scooter

Monday, August 9, 2010

Bar Harbor, Maine - Day 4

Our second port was at Bar Harbor, Maine on August 4th.

Helena with Grandpa on the tender from the cruise ship to Bar Harbor

Jonathan with Daddy on the tender

Helena posing with the lobster statue in front of a sweets shop

Helena posing after a snack

Helena posing with Jeff by the waterfront

Helena taking a decent photograph of Sara and Jeff on the waterfront

Posing in front of a sign for a restaurant where the President apparently ate on his recent trip to Bar Harbor

Helena sitting outside on the tender ride back to the cruise ship

Jonathan relaxing by the pool after his nap

Jonathan enjoying the live music by the pool

Looking over the side of the ship and wondering why, if it is 5:00 p.m., how come we haven't left Bar Harbor yet?

Ah! The last tender (and the people who cannot tell time) finally arrived!