Wednesday, November 26, 2008

School Pictures - Fall 2008

Just her luck, Helena decided to jump off of a bench at daycare and cut up her nose the day before her school pictures. So that should explain the red cut on her nose and the glare of cream to heal her wound in the following pictures.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

Helena got to go to one house and see if she would get a treat for Halloween

"Trick or treat! Do you have any candy for me?"

"Wow, thanks for the candy ma'am!"

Helena thankful her Daddy took her out to get some candy on Halloween (usually they don't take your picture after they give you candy...but this house was special!)

Happy Halloween

The annual Halloween parade at Helena's school

Helena as a princess fairy

The Girls - Ella, Helena, Emily, and Alexa

Helena and her friend Emily

"I see you!"

"Can I get some more orange juice, please?"

"It's quicker than taking an airplane!"

Mixing the witch's brew

"Hail, Hail to Michigan..."

Although they are not having a good season, Helena is still willing to show her school spirit for her Daddy's alma mater, sporting her new cheerleader's outfit (in the background you can see that the game is actually on...and Michigan is not losing - yet!).