Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend 2007 in Boston

Ready for a car trip!

Helena and the boys!

Mommy, Helena, and cousin Zack

Daddy and Helena on the beach

Mommy and Helena

Posing for Baby Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (nice Crocs!)

Yummy, chicken fingers!

Cousin Zack asleep at the beach

Giving a big hug to cousin Avi

Hola Kobe!

Avi, I'm not done eating yet!

Feliz cumpleanos abuela!!! (Happy Birthday, Bubbe)

Helena's first trip outside of Fenway Park - Go Sawx!!!

Helena and Charlotte

Sitting on the steps eating Goldfish

Princess Helena being fed by Charlotte

Relaxing on the hammock

Back to work in the fields!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Outside afternoon

It was a nice day outside, so Helena spent the afternoon running around the yard (and posing for pictures taken by Mommy).

New Kitchen!

Helena posing in front of her new toy kitchen

What kind of toast would you like with your eggs, Mommy?


We've always said that our door is open to guests from near and far who want to stop in and visit when they are passing through, or if they've come directdly to see us. This critter, though, took that invitation a little too seriously and showed up on our deck the other day!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Central Park

Helena's time in Central Park this past weekend was worthy of its own post!

Watch out, cuz here I come!

No, I'm not doing number 2...I just like to squat in this position!

Most people put a dog on a leash and walk it through the park. . .

Daddy, I'm worn out from running and walking in Central Park.

Weekend in NYC!

The family decided to spend the weekend in New York City to celebrate Mother's Day.

Helena enjoying her journey on the New York subway.

What, no cell phone service down here?

Helena with Mommy at South Street Seaport

Helena with Daddy (Brooklyn Bridge in the background)

This bench is all mine!

Helena is dressed and ready to explore the Big Apple.

Helena and Mommy in front of the Flat Iron Building

Helena and Mommy in Union Square

Helena dancing in Union Square.

Helena saying a prayer before eating a most delicious lunch at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill

Hard day's work!

Helena and Mommy went into NYC to visit Daddy at work and see if they could lend a hand with things around the office (notice the shameless plug for Pepsi).

"Hi, Secretary Chertoff? Just checking in to see if you needed help in securing the homeland. You know where you can find me!"