Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend 2007 in Boston

Ready for a car trip!

Helena and the boys!

Mommy, Helena, and cousin Zack

Daddy and Helena on the beach

Mommy and Helena

Posing for Baby Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (nice Crocs!)

Yummy, chicken fingers!

Cousin Zack asleep at the beach

Giving a big hug to cousin Avi

Hola Kobe!

Avi, I'm not done eating yet!

Feliz cumpleanos abuela!!! (Happy Birthday, Bubbe)

Helena's first trip outside of Fenway Park - Go Sawx!!!

Helena and Charlotte

Sitting on the steps eating Goldfish

Princess Helena being fed by Charlotte

Relaxing on the hammock

Back to work in the fields!

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