Sunday, June 10, 2007

Let them eat cake!

The highlight of Sara's birthday was that Jeff and Helena got her a professional chef from an upscale restaurant in New York City to come to the house and teach Sara the fine art of baking a cake from scratch (that's right, no Betty Crocker mix) and decorating the cake like they do for weddings and fancy affairs. Though they only completed one cake, rumor has it that they started the preparations on a special cake to be completed next weekend for Father's Day. If you had taste-o-vision on your computer, you'd agree that the cake is just as good as it looks! Many thanks to Chef Violet - the whole family will now get to benefit from your teachings with the yummy treats that will be made by Sara!

The Cake

Helena, Chef Mommy, and the Cake

Helena, Mommy, Chef Violet, and the Cake

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