Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday, Helena - Boston Edition

Although Helena's birthday is not until the 16th, the family headed to Boston this past weekend to celebrate Helena's birthday with her family and friends residing in Saux country! This is the first of many celebrations that are forthcoming.

Helena playing with her balloons

Decorating baby pumpkins

Helena and her pumpkin

Helena eating pizza with Charlotte

Decorating cookies

Hmmm....I think I need to add a couple of sprinkles (why not just dump in the whole container?!?)

Mommy and Daddy with Helena

Helena's Elmo birthday cake

It's my birthday, so if I want to eat the icing right off the side, I will!

Going for a spin after cake

Helena was so pooped after her party, she crashed back at the hotel

Out for dinner celebrating Helena's birthday at Bugaboo Creek (the waitress is holding a stuffed animal moose head)

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