Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let it snow!

We got hit with our first snow of the season - only 8 inches (not as impressive as other places around the country but enough to go outside and enjoy). It was Jonathan's first opportunity to see snow, and Helena never passes up on opportunity to get into her snowsuit.

No shame! Jeff was promised 4 hours of peace and quiet on a weekend day of his choosing if he went outside this morning in his PJ bottoms in what was 23 degree weather. Who wouldn't take that bet?

Jonathan ready to hit the slopes

Jonathan and Helena

Jonathan in his snowsuit. Sadly, he can't get close enough to his thumb

Jonathan going for a ride in his sleigh

Helena making snow angels

Jonathan laying in the snow

Although it may look like Helena is trying to bury her brother...she is not

Helena helping Daddy with the shoveling

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