Monday, August 9, 2010

Portland, Maine - Day 3

Five years ago when Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Harold took the family on a cruise across the Atlantic Ocean for their 60th wedding anniversary, Sara and Jeff could not attend because Sara was 7 months pregnant with Helena. Instead, Sara and Jeff went to Portland, Maine for a few days. Ironically, that was the first port on the cruise on August 3rd. Given the proximity to Boston (only 2 hours away), Sara's mother, aunt, and some cousins drove up for a brief visit as well.

Helena and Jeff in front of the docked cruise ship

Waving to Auntie Amanda and Uncle Blair who are still in their room

Cousins Matthew and Amanda

Helena showing off the lobster buzzer that let us know when our food was ready

Jonathan sitting with Bubbe (and Auntie Bubbe in the background)

Jonathan and Helena posing in front of the Portland Lobster Company restaurant where we had lunch

You don't have to go to the Carribbean to dress festively! Jonathan and Jeff showing our their "cruise" wear for dinner.

Helena and Jonathan showing off before dinner

Everybody else was having two entrees. Jonathan thought he would indulge in macaroni and cheese with tater tots, and a hamburger with broccoli and French fries. I think he got all the food groups covered!

Helena showing off her own bowl of macaroni and cheese

Cousin Anna with Helena, Grandma Shirley, and Grandpa Harold

Jonathan and Jeff at the dinner table

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