Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Parades

Friday was a busy day because Helena had a Halloween parade at public school followed by a Halloween parade for Helena and Jonathan at their daycare later in the afternoon.

Being the youngest actually pays off - the kindergarteners get to lead the parade!

Posing with super heroes

Toy Story reunion

Class picture

Fast forward to the daycare parade. Jonathan was so excited when he saw Mommy and Daddy, it brought tears to his eyes. Daddy worked the door to get a good view of the action.

Helena got face paint since her last parade

Jonathan got over the tears to show off his costume and his cape

Jonathan as Count Dracula has some game...and the eye of one of his female classmates. Of course, Jonathan has has his eyes on the cookie in her hand, as he motions in sign language for "more" to eat.

Helena skipped lunch to save room for two Halloween parties

Jonathan got over the sadness once he found the food

Helena and her teacher Ms. Daniella

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