Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre-Valentine's Day - Cookies, Tea, & Donuts

Amazingly, Valentine's Day is not until tomorrow, but Helena and Jonathan have done well eating their fair share of chocolate, cake, and cookies the last few days. Friday, Jonathan had a Valentine's Day party at daycare. Yesterday (Satuday), Helena got to go to a special Valentine's Day tea with Mommy and Daddy that included chocolate flavored tea and chocolate-dipped fruit. Today (Sunday), Helena and Jonathan were surprised when Daddy came home from getting the morning paper with heart-shaped donuts. Oh, what will tomorrow bring for them?

Jonathan and his classmates sitting nicely ready to eat

Jonathan got bored waiting for the food so he popped in his thumb

Up close and personal while he eats

Jonathan with his teacher, Ms. Shila

Helena picked out one of Daddy's favorites (of course, almost anything dipped in chocolate would be worth eating)

Helena showing off the Sunday surprise

Jonathan is all smiles with the donut surprise

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