Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Magic Kingdom

No trip to Orlando would be complete without a trip to the Magic Kingdom. Sadly, the Magic Kingdom is not air conditioned or domed to stop the rain. Fortunately, we were in the process of packing up our car to leave when torrential downpours struck...and it rained for the next two hours. Timing is everything, and so is being lucky!

A great picture of Sara and the kids in front of the castle

A decent picture of the whole family in front of the castle (it would have been nice if the teen-ager we asked to take the picture turned the camera to get the whole castle. Amateur!)

Nowadays, the Disney characters to not just roam the parks. Instead, they are set up at certain locations, and you have to stand online if you want to meet them. In 90 degree humid temperatures, who wants to stand on lines? We were fortunate to notice Princess Jasmine after we got off the Aladdin ride, so we jumped in to get a picture with her. It is humorous how much she sucked in her belly to look "slimmer" for this picture (I have another picture as evidence).

This is Dennis, our tour guide on the jungle boat ride. I thought he was humorous and original until we stopped near another boat and I saw the tour guide using the same jokes.

Jonathan during the jungle boat ride

During "Its a Small World" ride

Jonathan checking out the hula dancers

Sara and Helena on the Tea Cups

Helena insisted on going on this ride again. It would have been more enjoyable if a young child who could barely reach the gas was not driving in the car in front of us. Sara got a great shot of us puttering into the finish line.

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