Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sea World

Helena loved Sea World when we went last year, and we were fortunate to have received tickets so that we were able to go again this year. We did not hit as many shows because of the heat, but Helena got to try various rides and new experiences while Jonathan napped for two hours.

As soon as we walked into Sea World, Helena immediately wanted to go see the Dolphins. For only $7, you get to go up close to them and feed them. In the spirit of trying something new, Helena agreed to go along with. This is a photograph she took of one of the fish we got to feed the dolphins.

Of course, Helena was unwilling to go close enough to the pool to look in and see the dolphins, but she did her best to get a photograph of Jeff feeding the dolphin as you can see his hand holding the fish and the dolphin's mouth open and waiting.

One of the many dolphins in the tank

I don't recall the name of this ride, but Sara graciously volunteered to join Helena on it.

This ride went up no more than 30 feet. At Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, they had a similar ride that was several stories high. Helena had no interest in going on that one!

Helena and Jeff on the Shamu rollercoast, which Helena declared her first rollercoaster ride. I consider that brave (hence why my fingers are crossed).

Great shot by Sara of Helena and Jeff during the ride (second car down from the top)

The boys staying hydrated before the Shamu show starts. It was extremely hot outside and even hotter inside the enclosed stadium

Helena during the Shamu show (see below for more on this picture)

I am not sure how much Sara's cell phone company is going to charge her for this one, but they posted something before the show that if you e-mailed a picture to a certain address, it would be posted at the end of the show. Helena is on the right side screen, left column, third from the top (green hat).

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