Monday, May 31, 2010


Day 5 we headed to Epcot. The day started off very early because we arranged to attend the Princess Breakfast at Norway in Epcot's international section. Jonathan was not too fond of all of the princesses, but we weren't really there for him. Helena enjoyed meeting each and every one of them...and Jeff enjoyed the buffet breakfast (he tried every last danish...and the breakfast potatoes were amazing). After exploring some of the rides in Futureland, including Helena going for a ride with Jeff on the GM Test Track, lunch was at Mexico's San Angel Inn. Dinner was at an Irish pub in Downtown Disney before we went shopping to get some gifts to remember our vacation.

Family picture at the entrance to Epcot

Helena waiting to go to the Princess breakfast

Yeah baby!

Family picture with Belle

Helena with Sleeping Beauty

Helena with Cinderella

Helena with Snow White

Helena with Arielle

Posing in front of the Finding Nemo ride

Helena waiting to ride the Test Track

Helena locked in for the Test Track

"I once drank a Coke this big!"

Helena banging the drum in the Chinese gift shop

Jonathan taking a nap

Helena volunteered to be an honary captain on the boat that travels across Epcot's lake; she was rewarded with a captain's license and a sticker.

Photo of Sara and Jeff taken by Helena

"I've got the whole world in my hand..."

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