Monday, May 31, 2010

Swimming at the hotel

Given the heat, we spent a lot of time each afternoon after a long day at the parks going to the resort's pool. The following are some random shots of the swimming pool, our hotel, and the remainder of our weeklong trip. We had such a great time, we are certain to be going back again.

Helena posing in the kitchen

Helena showing off the master bedroom jacuzzi

Jonathan eating breakfast

Helena on the balcony

A shot of the main pool at the resort complex

Jonathan is ready to go swimming

Jeff with the kids in the pool

Jonathan and Jeff practicing for some type of team competition in the pool

Helena drying off after her swim

Jonathan's wet head look

Helena posing at Downtown Disney

Showing off our new Disney shirts

Everybody asleep on the plane ride home

Jonathan woke up in time to have a snack before the plane landed

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