Monday, May 31, 2010

Off to Orlando!

Day 2 of the vacation started with a 2-3 hour drive up to Orlando. Along the way on the Florida Turnpike we encountered swarms of bugs mating...and splattering on our windshield. At the rest stops along the way they had high power washers to clear them off. Lunch was at Giordano's pizzaria in Lake Buena Vista before a walk through the Downtown Disney area. It also happened to be Sara's birthday, and Jeff picked out Logan's Roadhouse grill for dinner, which Helena enjoyed because each table had a bucket of shelled peanuts that you got to crack open to eat and discard the shells right on the floor.

Helen posing with the swans in the lobby of our hotel in Palm Beach Gardens

Helena with a Mickey Mouse statue in Downtown Disney

Helena and Daddy with Buzz Lightyear

Helena with Mr. Potato Head

Of course Helena goes near the Lego dog!

Helena posing with the Lego person

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