Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Day at the Beach - June 17, 2009

Wednesday morning had the best weather the whole time we were on vacation (other than the day we left), and by good weather I mean that it did not rain during the time we were on the beach. Unfortunately, it was overcast, cool, and windy. That did not deter Helena from having a good time on the sand. Nor was it going to deter her parents who bought a bundle of items just to use on the beach.

Our spot on the beach. I venture to guess that they had less materials when they first landed on the moon.

Our beach tent. It worked out great and may become useful at home as a special place Helena can sleep if she goes to sleep nicely in her own bed.

Daddy and Jonathan

Daddy and the kids

Jeff making use of his beach chair

Sara got the special chair with the canopy. That would have been helpful if there was sun; unfortunately, the wind kept blowing it over.

The weather is not going to deter Helena from enjoying the beach

Helena hard at work in the sand

Helena making use of all of her sand toys

Helena still hard at work in the sand. If we didn't drag her off the beach, she would still be there now.

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