Saturday, June 20, 2009

Atlantic City - June 15, 2009

The family went on a "summer" vacation this week, before Sara heads back to work in July. We tried to not let all the rain put a damper on things. We started the vacation off by spending the night in Atlantic City. Thanks to Sara's skills and time at the slot machines on past trips to Atlantic City, she was able to secure the family a premiere room, and all we had to pay was the $13 in tax. She also got us a buffet dinner for 3 for only $6. Can't beat that for a night's stay in Atlantic City! Even with Jeff's losses as the gaming tables, it was still a winning night.

Helena trying to catch a glimpse of the ocean

Just to show you that Jonathan came along for the trip

Daddy and Helena

Mommy and Helena

Helena enjoying ice cream after dinner (which will appear as a theme throughout this week)

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