Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last Class at The Little Gym

Today brought an end to Helena's semester at The Little Gym. The kids, with assistance from their instructors, put on a "show" for their parents, showcasing all the skills they learned the past several months at the gym.

Helena excited to be line leader

Waiting her turn to do skills across the mat

Playing with the parachute

Hanging from the high bar with help from Mr. Kyle

Swinging on the low bar

Performing a front support on the low bar

Swinging on the rings

I don't know what this move is called, but I am impressed that Helena now developed the skill to do it on her own. I'm thinking Olympics in a couple of years.

Helena's balance beam routine

Helena goofing around while Mommy takes a picture

Helena's floor exercise routine

Helena had enough of all the pictures (especially since this day followed all of the pictures from our vacation)

Helena forcing a smile in a picture with her instructor, Ms. Jackie

The class with instructors Ms. Jackie and Mr. Kyle

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