Sunday, June 21, 2009

Let's Go Bowling!

It was a crummy Sunday afternoon, which has been the theme for this month, so we decided to take Helena bowling. Although she was not happy the first time she got a foot fault, she eventually got back into after the first game when we broke for a snack before we started the second game.

Jonathan was asleep within five minutes of getting to the bowling alley

Helena watching Daddy to pick up some pointers on how to bowl

Helena, with assistance from Daddy, taking a shot at hitting some pins

Video of Helena bowling

Mommy and Helena

More Mommy and Helena

"I'm awake now. When do I get to bowl?"

The scores from the second game. Although labeled Mommy, Sara was feeding Jonathan the whole time, so Jeff actually bowled both lines. Helena improved 6 pins from her first game. Jeff would have had a 187 if you combined the first five frames in the two lines he bowled in the second game. Of course, this is nothing to brag about since the gutters had bumpers in them for Helena's benefit!

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